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Originating in Eastern Asia, acupuncture is used around the world to treat many health issues ranging from pain and orthopedic dysfunction to infertility and internal medicine.

While the vast majority of patients initially come to us because of pain, they quickly learn acupuncture is capable of much more. Multiple studies have shown acupuncture's efficacy for treating the musculo-skeletal, digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory, immune, integumentary and urinary systems.  

Many insurances now cover acupuncture and the American College of Physicians recommends using acupuncture for acute or chronic low back pain before over-the-counter medications or expensive/invasive testing and procedures.

Acupuncture Steel Creek Acupuncture Fayetteville
Chinese Herbs
Chinese Herbs, Steel Creek Acupuncture Fayetteville, NWA

Medicinal herbs have been used for millennia to treat a wide variety of health issues.  Taken internally or applied topically, herbs are an effective treatment, with minimal side effects, for seasonal allergies, sinus infections, digestive disorders, irregular menstruation/pms, urinary tract infections, muscle spasms, high cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia, dermatological issues, edema, and more.   


Traditionally, Chinese herbs were made into a tea and consumed several times a day, which was time consuming and almost always tastes terrible.  At our clinic we offer herbs in pill or granular form for internal use and salves, tinctures and patches for topical use.  We also carry many over-the-counter products, including locally made salves, foot soaks, essential oils, and CBD Clinic topical salves. 

Cupping and Gua Sha

Using a flame, a vacuum is created inside a glass cup and then placed over tense muscles and areas of pain or limited range-of-motion.  The vacuum lifts the tissues and circulates fresh blood and oxygen through the area while breaking up adhesions in fascia and connective tissue.  Cupping works wonders for athletes who overwork their bodies and is an effective treatment for many types of pain.  

While cupping has a deeper effect, gua sha is used for more superficial issues, where the muscles aren't involved.  The edge of a ceramic spoon is dragged over oiled skin to help break up adhesions in the most fascia and superficial layers of connective tissues. 

Cupping Steel Creek Acupuncture Fayettevlle, NWA
Dietary Therapy
Food Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Steel Crek Acupuncture, Fayettville

A balanced, healthy diet is one of the key components to maintaining health.  We can show you not only which foods to choose and which foods to avoid to stay healthy, but also the foods that will have the greatest impact on reducing the symptoms you are experiencing.  Diet can have an impact on inflammation, bowel movements, phlegm/congestion and many other symptoms.

Chinese nutrition uses flavors and temperatures of food to treat the individual patient.  Eating foods that are in-season is a large part of staying healthy.  Let us show you how to use your diet to regain your health.


When burned, Mugwort (Ai Ye), produces far-infrared radiation.  When used over certain acupuncture points, mugwort can help combat fatigue, ease arthritic joint pain, regulate menstrual disorders, and even turn a breech baby.  Mugwort is also used in liniments and salves to be applied topically for conditions such as arthritis and trigger finger.

The TDP lamp was designed to mimic the effects of moxibustion.  This far-infrared mineral lamp can be used over a larger area of the body, and without all the smoke.

moxibustion, mugwort, Steel Creek Acupuncture, Fayetteville
SAAT Allergy Treatment
Food Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Steel Crek Acupuncture, Fayettville

The Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT) protocol is used for the desensitization of symptoms to known or suspected environmental, drug, and/or food allergies. SAAT is a biophysical allergy treatment protocol developed by Dr. Nader Soliman, MD that builds upon the methods of the auricular acupuncture microsystem of Dr. Paul Nogier, and the allergy testing methods of NAET to produce long term remediation of allergy symptoms by triggering the body’s nervous system to correct its response to various allergens.


Research shows that the SAAT protocol has proven very effective in decreasing symptom severity in patients suffering from Alpha Gal Syndrome, an allergy to the tick-transmitted sugar molecule, alpha gal (galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose). The SAAT Protocol tests for allergies via noninvasive muscle testing, followed by the painless insertion of a very thin and small (3mm) needle into the ear that remains in place for 3-4 weeks. This protocol may also involve the use of homeopathic remedies as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with auricular acupuncture.

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