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Hemp-derived CBD topical products that penetrate quickly to help alleviate pain.


Level 3 (Moderate): CBD-rich hemp extract and Menthol to attack pain quickly and increase blood flow to areas of moderate discomfort. Fast acting and all-natural, this cream penetrates deeply to target the source of your muscle and joint irritation. 200mg CBD/ 44 gram jar


Level 4 (Severe):  CBD-rich hemp extract, menthol, and camphor powerfully penetrates more severe muscle and joint pain. This strong, all-natural pain fighting formulation pierces deep through tissue to deliver relief to painful muscles and joints by reducing swelling and inflammation. This ointment provides hours of relief by increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected area.  250 mg CBD/44 gram jar


Level 5 (Pro-Sport): CBD-rich hemp extract, menthol, and camphor. CBD CLINIC Level 5 is an all-natural ointment that delivers strong pain relief. It helps restore range of motion and the mobility necessary for top athletic performance. A perfect pre- and post-workout solution for hours of relief. This ointment helps to speed recovery for fatigued and painful joints and muscles. 400 mg CBD/44 gram jar

CBD Clinic Ointment

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