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Griffo Botanicals is a family owned and operated business that grow their own food-grade herbs and source herbs from Spring Wind. All of the herbs are tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungus, spores, mold, and heavy metals.


Basecamp-  Delicious, earthy flavor with a hint of dark fruit, to help build a foundation of immune resistance.

Elderberry & Elderflowers - stimulates immune system, strengthens lung function
Astragalus (Huang Qi), White Atractylodes Rhizome (Bai Zhu), & Saposhnikovia root (Fang Feng) - a traditional blend to build immunity
•Poria (Fu Ling) - strengthens immune system promotes healthy water metabolism
•Reishi (Ling Zhi) - stimulates immune system, strengthens lung function
• Turkey Tail - a wild-harvested mushroom that promotes immune function






Pax- a sweet and savory cup of peace.  *contains wheat 

Wheat (Xiao Mai) - calms the spirit

Licorice Root (Gan Cao) - benefits digestion and energy

Red Date (Hong Zao) - strengthens energy

Fleeceflower Vine (Ye Jiao Teng) - calms the spirit


Solis- a soothing cup of sunshine. 

Cinnamon (Gui Zhi), 

Red Date (Hong Zao) - promotes energy

White Peony Root (Bai Shao) - regulates circulation

Licorice Root (Gan Cao) - boosts energy and benefits the digestion


Warm- Get comfy when you are cold

Ginger (Gan Jiang) - dried ginger to warm the digestion
Gao Liang Jiang - galanga to warm the digestion

Jiang Huang - turmeric to warm the extremities
Chuan Jiao - pepper to add a note of spiciness

Griffo Botanicals Tea

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